RJX CAOS 210 FPV Racing Quadcopter-ARF Kit

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RJX CAOS 210  FPV Racing Quadcopter-ARF Kit Just installed your battery ... mehr
Produktinformationen "RJX CAOS 210 FPV Racing Quadcopter-ARF Kit"

RJX CAOS 210  FPV Racing Quadcopter-ARF Kit

Just installed your battery  and fly it..........

The CAOS 210 Quadcopter airframe is a small yet fully functional FPV quad deserving the QAV label. The Caos 210 is a symmetric 215mm size airframe that accommodates 5" props. The 215mm is measured motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally.


1.Provide a full range of motor protection design

2.Plastic mount the camera can slow impact

3.Framework designed to provide sufficient flight and collision strength?

4.The center of gravity and the propeller of the pneumatic center coincide

5.Using high quality Quick assembling and dismantling nylon fence (Prevent water from splashing and protective equipment)


Weight: 380g without battery

Power Requirement: 4S 1300-1500 mAH (NOT INCLUDED)

ESC:4S 15A-20A

Motor size: 2204-2406

Props:5" RJX Props

Camera:Aomway 700TVL RJX CCD700TVL RJX CMOS800TVL

Receiver Compatibility: CPPM, S-Bus, Spektrum™, XBus, SumH, SumD (no external adapters required)

Flight Time: Highly dependent upon battery, and flying style

Included in the box:


Q3003CWx2  RJX Brushless Motor (2204 2300kv 2mm Plug CW)

Q3003CCWx2 RJX Brushless Motor (2204 2300kv 2mm Plug CCW)


Q3014 RJX TS5823

1x RJX  Receiver


Q3087 RJX Buzzer TMB12A05

Q3084 RJX  SP Racing F3 ACRO

Q3085 RJX Damping for NAZE32 CC3D Racing F3

Q3097 RJX Camera Mount For Aomway

Q3116 RJX 5.8G Antenna X2 (Internal thread hole, can be bend stereotypes)

T6011-YXS RJX Battrey Strap(200X20mmx2pcs)Lime Yellow for FPV Racing

Q3111 RJX CMOS MINI Camera 5V 25x17mm 2.1mm 1/2.7" 3MP Large glass mirror

1x 6 Channel Radio Transmitter

Require to fly:

1.Battery: 4S 1300-1500mAh for FPV

2.Battery:  Max 3S 2200mAh  or 8 pcs 5# for radio

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