Lynx ultra Taumelscheibe Goblin 500

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  • LX1019F
FEATURES: -     Direct fit replacement part for the standard Goblin 500 swash plate. -... mehr
Produktinformationen "Lynx ultra Taumelscheibe Goblin 500"


-     Direct fit replacement part for the standard Goblin 500 swash plate.

-     Innovative in house designed and manufactured ultra precise Spherical Bearing for a smooth and solid swivel action.

-     Stainless Steel linkage balls for the best wear and shock resistance.

-     Double High quality ABEC5 Stainless Steel – Sealed radial ball bearing for maximum precision and durability.

-     Customer rebuild-able Swash Plate from service parts bag.

-     Factory assembled with thread lock on linkage balls and pre-lubricated bearing.

-     FEA (Final Elements Analysis) used in achieving the most lightweight part with maximum strength.


-     Swash Plate Material: Aluminum 7075-T6 – Clear - anodized finish

-     Linkage Ball Material: Stainless Steel – HRC 35

-     Sealed Ball Bearing Material: Stainless Steel – ABEC5 precision class – Made in Japan

-     Spherical Swivel Bearing Material: Center Ball Chrome Steel HRC40 / Swivel Bushing low-friction copolymer POM based.  



-     1 x Goblin 500 - Ultra Swash Plate, Silver - Factory assembled, ready to fly/plug and play


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